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Art Programming Basics Demo

The Art Programming Basics introduces the basics of programming visual art using the popular Processing-environment. This demo-course includes the first chapter of the full module, which has four chapters in total. In the first chapter you get to experiment with different kinds of shapes. Later chapters introduce you to animations and interactive art. Ready to create?

Welcome to the free demo

Try out the complete first chapter of Art Programming Basics.

You will get access to all the materials, including the video tutorials and educator notes, so you can get a good idea how the course will look like.

The real course includes four chapters. You can see the content outlines of these chapters in the menu. A free Mehackit account is needed to enroll to the course. If you don't yet have one, just click Enroll and you can create a new account!

About the course

Art Programming Basics will get you started with programming visuals, animations and interactive user interfaces. On the course we use the free Processing-environment which is widely used by artists and educators all over the world. Processing is based on Java programming language. This module is beginner-friendly and requires no previous experience on programming or visual arts.

  • Target group: 13-19-year-olds and educators
  • Length: This demo includes only the first chapter (1 hour). The full module includes 4 chapters and is 4-7 hours in total. Material can be adjusted for longer teaching sessions as well.
  • Format: Self-paced course module with video tutorials, student assignments and educator instructions.
  • Contact:

Learning Outcomes

You'll learn the basics of programming in visual environment. We start by drawing common geometric shapes in coordinate-system. Then iteration comes in and you'll see concretely how to make shapes and objects move by looping programming commands. Eventually you will learn how to make visual objects obey your will by pressing keyboard and mouse buttons while the program is running.

As a more general theme, you learn how to represent complex visual things with simple programming structures - iteration, if-statements and variables. The module gives you a new tool for self-expression and new kind of glasses to see the hidden logical structures of the visual world! After this Basics module you can move on to more advanced project-modules which can be adjusted to different themes, interests and curricular needs.

The lesson structure

  • For the Educator (Special chapter for educators)
  • Art with Shapes (Included in this demo!)
  • Moving stuff (Available in full module)
  • Interact with it (Available in full module)
  • Order in Chaos (Available in full module)


For a pair of students you will need:

  • A computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Working Internet connection

For programming Processing you will need a free application Processing IDE which can be downloaded from the Processing-website

Course Certificate

Educators and students are eligible to receive an official Mehackit badge certification upon the completion of this course.